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Cracow Art Gallery

głowy zbiorcze a4WAWEL HEADS – In 1530-1535 a Diplomatic Audience Room was constructed at the Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland, a governing site of the Polish kings. Italian-born Polish Queen Bona Sforza and King Sigmund the Old commissioned the entire ceiling to be adorned with a gallery of life-sized wooden head sculptures presenting actual political figures of the Polish-Lithuanian Kingdom. The aim of the project was to shock foreign diplomats visiting Wawel Castle and to make them believe hundreds of people are watching them from the ceiling. Originally hundred ninety four head sculptures were created but only thirty survived to our times. We present a collection of paintings of Tom Cieplinski interpreting these historical sculptures.




Tomasz Ciepliński – was born in Kraków, Poland. His fescination with art begun when he was a teenager and from the very early age he was tutored by two distinguished Polish fine art artists Krystyna Wróblewska and Marian Kruczek. This period gave him not only the opportunity to learn about art, but also allowed him to immerse in Krakow’s artistic community. Tomasz Ciepliński graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Krakow uniwersity of Technology where his diploma was awarded Krakow’s Mayor Prize for the best Diploma Work. A few years later Tomasz Ciepliński decided to focus his work on pure fine arts and soon afterwards the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage recognized his fine arts projects with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage award.

In his works, Tomasz Ciepliński is trying to realize his fescinations and ideas, finding visible form for them. To do so, he uses different techniques such as drawing, oil and acrylic painting. Tomasz Ciepliński also expresses his artistic vision through working as an interior, poster, stage and movie production designer. Tomasz Ciepliński exhibited his works (among others) in Kohout Gallery inHamburg, Prestige Gallery in Paris, Institute of Polish Culture in Praque, Paris and Brussels, office of Schulte, Roth & Zabel law firm in London and New York City. In 2009, Tomasz Ciepliński showed his works at the residence of His Excellency United States of America Ambassador Victor Ashe in Warsaw, Poland.

In 2010, Tomasz Ciepliński exhibited his works in Gallery Wilanów in Warsaw.

In 2012 Tomasz Ciepliński exhibited his works in Warsaw Art Gallery in Hotel Marriott in Warsaw, Poland.

You are able to view and puchase Tomasz’s original works ( painting and graphics) at Galeria AG in Krakow, one of the most important Krakow’s contemporary art galleries. 




kantyJan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz – The well-known musician and composer also creates paintings using the gel-art technique. It is an incredibly time-consuming process: a single square centimetre of canvas has an average of 350-400 dots applied with gel pens, earning the technique its name.